With the cooler air swirling around and stumbling about realizing that the leaves are turning colours and summer, while officially still on, is unofficially over. I haven't finished posting my vacation and going through the photos is making me nostalgic for beach fun.Granted, it was only a couple of days ago, when river swimming was had and my face burnt ever so slightly. But still, paddling down the river, noticing the trees were only going to remain green for a little time longer, made me long for the sweet warmth of a summer stretched out before me. I suspect, when winter has frozen me for long enough, I will stretch out and click through these vacation posts and smile in nostaglic rememberance - even more so than I am now, heh heh. These next three were taken at Ford's Cove on Hornby Island. It was this fabulous place with a pier and a store and art supplies ... really good art supplies at a decent price. There was also a really cool art gallery which we greatly enjoyed and I found amber scent, beautiful sweet amber scent which I am in love with.