The following photos were taken from Hornby Island, while on a hike on the bluffs. The wind was blowing, the surf was crashing below hard against the rocks as my hair whipped about my face. It was incredible. island bluffs

Today was loads of fun ... Duke and I took Aiden out to finally get him his birthday present. I think I am enjoying it all as much as he is. We got a hamster with the Habitrail Space Station outfit, with tubes and fun outposts and revolving restaurant and funky alien stickers. And of course treats and hay and food and hanging salt and mineral goodness and a rock and roll ball and many other assorted health and fun accessories. Oh my! Zippy Zeke is the coolest pet ever with the coolest geek accessories, heh heh.Sigh. Anyway, we are up uber early in the morning to go canoeing so must try and sleep and stop watching Aiden sleep while Zeke rides the wheel and zips around in the tubes. They are both so adorable though, sigh ... I really do feel some days as though I am the luckiest girl ever : )