bathroom walls

I am fascinated by bathroom walls and what people write on them. I've been itching to do a bathroom series and have a growing collection. I thought I would give a brief bathroom preview with this one as I thought it strangely fitting for today. Apparently, it is women's equality day. I had no idea but a certain Open Shutter is in the know. I'm not going to translate the words, and I don't personally completely agree with the grafitti cause while I like taking the wheel, I frankly also kinda enjoy being a muse. Since its women's equality day - I figure that I can do both equally. Okay ... if its hard to read, here's the bottom translation ... ;-) I figure you all got the romance figured out! "The Modern World will see a revolution of girls - time to stop being the muse and take the fuckin wheel [and not ma feminist way]" anon Also, if you like, check out my photo over at Daily Snap, I'm a guest photoblogger today.