distortion / photo friday’s family

family We never really see ourselves as others do. We never really see each other as we see ourselves. We look inwards and outwards through a distorted lens and wander the world misunderstood and often mistaken and yet ... within that we connect. We catch ideas on a distorted screen pulled and pushed and framed a certain way. Within the distortion there is a portion of truth and normalization and when we look hard enough we see something we can hold on to before it slips away into the next. My little family is often viewed in distorted ways. When for whatever reason, we give our names and we each have a different last name and we are looked at knowingly, strangely, oddly. And yet, within that caught frame of laughter at ourselves and our weirdness, we know that we are a family, we are loved and we are connected. Distortion is cool that way.