to scrapbook or not

I'm in dilemma angst mode. I wanted to do something fun with my vacation photos so I found a scrapbooking store and bought supplies and started making cool pages. Great fun and a way to combine my artistic side with my photography with journaling and poetry. Its cool. I like it and I'll have a book that contains the memories. all good really.Anyway, the problem is I got talked into spending $15 on an introductory scrapbooking class because "it can be very overwhelming to start scrapbooking". hmmmm. I'm really not overwhelmed. I've done poster design layouts and my little learning of web design and I paint on a fairly regular basis and well ... the class is tonight ... and well it was only $15 ... and its two hours long and I really don't want to go but I feel bad not going and maybe I'll learn something, arrgggg ... I just don't know. Everyone that I've told about this class has looked at me in disbelief "you - what on earth do you need a class for?" 'cause I like classes ... 'cause I was new to scrapbooking a month ago ... cause the lady in the store was very persuasive ... not really because I don't at this point know how to scrapbook : / I have about 15 minutes to figure this out ... I'm really in the fire now : )

Spot the marshmellow ;-)