feels like fall

 A few weekend ago, while at the Canmore folk festival, we went hiking in Banff on Sulphur mountain. I will likely post other photos from there over the next while. This seemed somewhat appropriate for today because while it was hot that day and the sun beat down, this photo somehow reminds me of the cool air that blows off the pine nettled trees.Fringe photos did not happen this weekend, as the rain beat down incessantly, driving out any notions of pulling out my camera though did have fun shopping for a new SLR film camera, like I said earlier, lovingly used. Also much fun was had at Ikea where I purchased a new book shelf because a girl can never have enough bookshelves (well this girl anyway - some girls collect shoes, I collect books) and a lovely crisp white cotton duvet cover and pillow covers, sigh ... after some reorganization, I am ready for the colours of cool aired autumn. In the spirit of that I pulled on a lovely burnt orange sweater this morning because its still cool and rainy and was admonished by the Duke for giving in to the notion that summer was over. I hated to break it to him that summer never really happened this year - just tiny little windows of summer weather. Of course the optimist in me knows that the year has a way of evening out and the lack of a beautieous summer means a shorter winter cold freeze ... durn rights! weather karma people : )