Photofriday has started an extra challenge. This week that challenge was 'analog'. Fun fun : ) I took photos and took said photos down to be processed. While I was at it, I went through and found all my unprocessed film rolls and one time use cameras and bits from the archives of my closet and decided to take the whole pile in. This is why I like digital. Sometimes, I forget to take my rolls in, eep. It was like Christmas, opening up the packages and discovering wow, stuff from as far back as 14 years ago, (it looks pretty darn vintage as it was a disposible camera from another life) to as recent as a few weeks ago. Great fun!I chose this one because I like the twisted nature of it. Sometimes in life we are twisted and turned and lost in the complicated nature of ourselves. Sometimes we emerge stronger, taller and more focused because of it. Besides, I'm always just a bit twisted. I like that about me. In other news, I went out to McBains and bought a new, lovingly used camera today. Its a Canon Rebel G. Its beautiful and I love it. I suspect you will be seeing more film from me : )