slanted vision

Every once in a while, vision slants, words fail and motions dissolve in the twisted lives of communication and dangling participles.The sun glows red and casts out summer's haze in a wink and dashes behind a cloud and I am spellbound, lost in a summer eve of too much cider, laughter brittle casts of longing care. From behind glassy mirror images, headless wonders laugh and mock my fuzz brained notions as I walk along the stumble home. Sometimes, one has to drink in the beauty of nature and sometimes one has to just drink and indulge in the laughter of friends. Its late, I have to work tomorrow and tomorrow eve reveals the play and the fringe. I am hoping to put together a series of performance photos and general street fun this weekend. Edmonton has the largest fringe theatre festival in north america ... its cool that I live in a city that values creativity and the arts. Makes me smile. Now, to find my bed and yes ... passing out would be good!