As I zip around in my new car (Mazda Sport 3, zoom zoom baby), now sporting new tires - winter tires to be precise (cause its that time of year and sports performance tires don't cut it), I realize that I had to dish out more for my tires than my last little beater jetttah girl car cost me to buy. Damn non standard tire sizes, blerg. Granted, I needed a reliable car because you really can't survive in this damn province without one especially if you have a child that you need to transport around. Trust me, I know - I tried for years using our badly designed bus system and still sport the scars from the frostbitten legs.Ah, transportation ... it comes in many forms - here are two I love.

DSC06570vwvansmall.jpg DSC06646bikesmall.jpg
A Look Back I sat in the warmth of my car. You with your head in the clouds backed up. A crash ensued and I am left with the damage. Your monster gas guzzling pathfinder tromped on my poor little jetta. Crushed glass, pushed in metal and ripped leather are what I am left with while you park your beast with a scratch licked off your bumper. My hood trapped in place by mashed in parts and the tears shed over my poor old grrrl who will never be the same and a cold drafty winter ahead. Oh yes you will pay dear. (November 4, 2003) (100 words)