Remembrance Day

More eloquent voices than mine can discuss the poppy on the wool lapel of my overcoat, in flanders field, a medal pinned to a collar laid back with care.Remembrance Day means many different things to many different people. Over time its meaning has changed from the 5 year old's tears of emotion spilled over for a feeling she can't understand in a gym filled with silence, an emotion that shook her through her adulthood and spilt out on smeared black ink while reading words of life. November 11 was also my sister's birthday, born on a day of weeping tears and proud stances. Born on a winter's edge of golden snow leaved worlds. Smiles and cake and the rip of a ribboned festive balloon pop. I will start my tribute to my sister lost from me after Remembrance Day has passed and my tears have washed down the highway of my drive through memories rocked from mine own. Whatever it is that you have to remember, do so today for a moment if you can.