nature’s window

Window ... a frame, frosted winter pane, splattered rain and childlike fingers pressed softly. Window, reflections of the soul and dreams of coloured marbles floating across a softly lit room. Window, a photo of rain splattered outside and sunlit dust bunnies across the concrete floor. A brightly lit church stained glass and a dancing curtain in the breeze of an open screen.Or, a bramble of branches reaching out and framing the vibrant colour of the world. nature's window I think this is my favourite photo of 2004 for a variety of reasons but mostly because it captures the new way I have learned to see the world. We were zipping along after a Saturday spent in photo taking joy when the sun set deep in dazzling colour and I new exactly what I wanted. In my head, I saw this photo before the snap click whirr framing of my camera. Heading to the exact spot, traversing through private property and held my breathe and captured nature's window, planned and purposeful, accidental and random. We take our chances when we are able to see and appreciate the beauty laid out before us.