granny and grumpy tribute

After a tiny little window breath break, I will continue on with my final tribute to those I have lost from this world. I am doing my granny and grandpa together because I have difficulty thinking of one without the other. The love they had for each other was incredibly strong and they were as one for as long as I can remember.

The smell of warm butter baking, saurkraut, frying moose meat and warm blueberries on the stove. The sip of milky tea and the flip of a campfire card and the warm moist scent of the dying sun. The house that my grandpa built that bore my father and cared for me is now gone and I miss the pansies growing by lilac trees and large yard full of children's young laughter and drives through the trees looking for wildlife and dancing leaves. African violets, smells of chanel, soft wood scent and racks of moose, a pot belly stove warming quilts of care, midnight mass and christmas lighted glows.
I was lucky in that they lived right next door to me and so I spent mornings, lunches, evenings and sick days curled up in their warmth. My grandfather was a man of the land, a homesteader, a railroad worker, a lumber mill man. He was a strong tall austrian / german with a strong arm and a love of all things natural. When he was 65, he won an arm wrestlling championship against taller, younger but not stronger men. When he was 10, he built a cabin with a dirt floor and hunted, fished and trapped to survive. But mostly, I remember reaching into his pocket where he always had a strong white peppermint for my little grasping hand. I was his poochie-baby and he was my Grumpy. My Granny was a tiny little lady who was half scottish and half native of the cree variety. She was a strong willed, pitching champion and curling enthusiast. She taught me how to sew, to cook and to bake up the most heavenly scents. She looked after me when I was sick and slid me dollars under the table so I could buy treats. She spoiled me with fancy pink twirly dresses and ribbons for my hair. She was comfortable in lipstick and chanel no. 5 (the scent still always makes me smile for her) as in jeans and plaid tromping through the bush. She could catch a fish, clean a fish and cook said fish better than anyone I ever knew and she loved camping by the lake where she was born.
An interesting fact is that my grandmother's mother was born by Slave Lake, my grandmother was born by Slave Lake as was my dad and then myself. We are lake people. Another interesting fact is that my granny was 25 when she had my dad (her first) and my dad was 25 when he had me (his first) and I was 25 when I had Aiden (my first). So, if all goes according to plan, I will be a grandmother when I am 50. My granny and grumpy ... my pseudo parents who spoiled me as only doting grandparents can were colourful and vibrant, beautifully natural and lovingly caring. I miss their support and the talks and the laughter they always gave me.