images dance

Duke is out of town at a gig and Aiden is having a sleep over and I am watching movies, lost in the movie land, I forgot to post today between the sips of latte, piano lessons, soccer game and aiden scored, pizza and pop and little boys x-box and my flannel quilt cuddle with red velvet pillows.The long rise and fall of conversation of Before Sunrise retold in new eyes and Before Sunset fresh and new and feeling my age. My birthday is on Monday, also known as Election Day here in Alberta so go vote! Duke has to work all evening because of election night coverage and my lovely friends are taking me out for martini filled words and laughter to celebrate the new smile line. I am also taking opportunity to give my friend Asylus his long overdue birthday present, a mixture of photography, poetry and a little bit of artwork thrown behind a framed glossy cover to hang on his wall. I wouldn't want to take a photo of it prior to giving it to him as he does on occasion grace this blog with his presence so I will just give him a little piece, a teaser if you will, because that is fun for me at 1:30 am on a Saturday night relaxing with a glass of red wine and movie conversation swirls.

It has actually occured to me that I may be too geeky for words. hmmmm.