parking meter maid nazi

I mean really. There I am kissing my sweetie good-bye in front of my building and liking the kissing so possibly went on for more than 30 seconds when THUMP THUMP THUMP on my window. So I jump as my heart beats into my throat and pushed out the tiniest of squeals. I look over and there is the parking nazi in her little uniform, drunk with power telling us we cannot stop here, move it along, move it along. Fine, whatever - I quickly kiss my sweetie and get out so he can move along down the street to his building. So you think that would be the end of it know wouldn't you but NO ...I start walking along the cold sidewalk, my heels clacking into the pavement and the too many gin n' tonics meter maid starts yelling at me. Excuse me, I no longer am attached to a car and frankly I wasn't even driving said car and frankly honey - go to hell in your cheap polyester uniform lusting over any excuse to exercise your cheap minimum wage power - Bitch! Ah, that felt good. Of course I just kept walking and was unable to ram my boots up her butt and had to gain satisfaction in knowing that I looked good this morning and could stick my best pretentious snot face on as I stared at her blankly and then "hi, how are you'd" the co-worker coming up to the building doors from the opposite direction. Apparently, a few minutes later, after Duke had parked the car and was crossing the crosswalk, he almost go run over by a dude driving a Durango. Hmmm, much like the purple durango drivers who were all into road raging yesterday on the way home from work. Sheesh! What is it about the cold that brings out the worst in people?