happy birthday to me

Its cool when you can wake up and stretch out your arms and encounter the warm snuggle of life and love. Open your eyes to a warm November day and smile because its your birthday. I know, I know, some women worry about the wrinkles a new year can bring and that whole aging process but really its a wonderful thing. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated and rejoiced and smiles abound ... I received swacks of phone calls, e-cards, and bunches of love came my way from this big ol' universe that we live in. Very cool! Thanks everyone for all your loveliness, care and birthday wishes. You are all very beautiful people! :)I even received a surprise email from myself. Yup, you heard me and boy was I surprised because I had completely forgotten that I had wrote it ... you can write yourself an email to the future, well, yup it works and I now remember that I sent out more but I can't for the life of me remember when they are slated to come in. Fun times. I wrote a new one for next year. : ) Future me. The day zinged by with little fun presents, a lovely lunch and fancyful flowers from my sweet Duke. I just came in from voting. I love voting. This is the third time I've voted this year and it always makes me feel emotional, privliged and even though I likely won't be happy with the results - I can be fairly certain that I will cheer for my little strathcona neighbourhood 'cause we rock and provide some well needed opposition in this province. And that is as political as I'm going to get on this blog of mine. Eep ... I had better get moving because I have people due here very soon and I'm still in me work clothes and I want to be in me play clothes. Now what is appropriate where for martini drinking laughter fun ... hmmmm.

DSC08608birthday1small.jpg DSC08610orangedaisiessmall.jpg