Birthdays really give you pause for analysis, for reflection if you will. A reflection over the past year highlights some interesting diversions and changes in the patterns that make up my life. I have gained some new friends, lost a few friends and found and lost myself more than once.I began photoblogging and carrying a camera with me everywhere. I started seeing the world with new eyes, from different angles, stroked with a different coloured brush. This actually changed the patterns in my life and how my days are structured and how I spend my free time altered. I am much happier for it all and smile when I think of the worlds I have entered at the click of a mouse and the snap of a lens view.

This is my entry for Photofriday patterns. Cloud patterns vary and winds of change blow across my landscape and I find variety within the emerging changes of my little ecosystem reflecting outwards. I could spend forever watching the clouds drift around and dance with seeming random chaos casting life across the sky as shapes dream forth in fanciful play. Staring out my window at work, I often look at the buildings around me and how they reflect the world around them reflecting patterns twisted and contorted into new dreams of imagination.
Oh yes and of course I work too, heh heh. Can you tell that I spent much of my childhood in fanciful dream, chin in hand, doodling abstraction while staring out at the freedom of the sky just beyond my reach. I'm really still a child dressed up in make believe. I like that about me.