As you may have noticed, we have been having some technical difficultieshere at Please bear with us and all should be resolved in the next few days. I for one am happy that I am even able to get this message across : ) Life's journey is a bumpy, rocky, smooth sailing, twisting, twining road of golden sunlit wonder and everchanging lapping of waves. The destination lingering in the soft breathe of a moment but the journey shining with memories wonderous dance.

We had heard tale of a lighthouse existing in the landlocked regions of this province of mine. A lighthouse !!! It should be understood at this point, that it is a good 12 hour drive over rocky mountain ranges and fog filled scenic dips of highway before I can get a whiff of salty air and longing visions of the ocean vast. So as you can imagine the prospect of photographing a lighthouse a mere 1 1/2 hour away was an absolute delight of an adventure.

Armed with our camera gear, we headed out one fine sunny saturday a couple of weeks ago in search of the landlocked lighthouse. Much laughter, conversation and general enjoyment occured as we drove across the sunlit highway to the country air breathed in deep.

We visited my grandmother and met for the first time her spunky, intelligent, much enlightened treat of friend who at 82 had so much laughter and love for life that I instantly fell in love with her. My parents also met us and the multi-generational group of us enjoyed a fun filled dinner of roboust discourse and dancing laughter as we energetically discussed sex, religion and politics. I love my family!

The sunset in purple pink array of red lust sunk lightly into the dark earth. We headed home to our fair city in darkness soothing thoughts basking in the warm glow of a day well spent. Sometimes the journey is much more meaningful and memorable than any oddity that exists out there. And now the fair weekend is upon me full of its own new journeys. The night was spent celebrating a friend's birthday and much fun was had, revelations and laughter abound. Saturday will find coffee treats, soccer games, farmer's market finds and an evening spent at a bellydance recital. Then onwards to the laze of a Sunday and the creative bounce of a relaxed mind, reading, catching up on painting, writing and other various mind zaps and zips.


I hope everyone out there enjoys their own journeys and breathes in the life that lingers in racing across the highway, stopping to snap the roses and wondering where those crazy turns are going to end up. In life, it is all about the spaces in between the beginning and the end. That all said, we did of course, amongst the golden wheat, frozen ponds and still cows, find a lighthouse. That will be the last photo I post in this little journey down memory lane.

Sidenote: The original post that I had here has gone to some internet trash can, floating across the air of words and thoughts. I came home to find it gone. I was wishing that I still wrote on the notebooks that litter my house instead of here in this apparently unstable environment. I have tried to recreate my words. They are different but somewhat similar in tone I hope. I suppose in some ironic sort of way that this too is all part of the beauty of the journey.