deliciously frozen

Grey brown barren wasteland of the oddest November to hit this end of Canadian winters in a long while. November found me wandering the streets in nothing but a poncho most days, walking the dusty streets of a brisk November wind wondering how I ended up in this dreary town. I questioned the lunacy of putting up christmas lights and christmas trees and I didn't even feel like partaking of the vanilla bean cocoa. Woe is me. Even photographing the landscape seemed somehow pointless in its long lingering sameness. For crying out loud is that a frozen blade of green grass? And then it happened. Dark clouds burst forth the pounding stinging needles of white and the hills and garbage cracked in crannies of dust filled street corners were covered. Whiteness sparkled downwards and filled the streets, covered the yards, glistened the trees and temperatures dropped below 30 and creaks and groans and frozen ice formed and Whhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeee suddenly it is Winter in Alberta. Yup. And I am actually loving the wool wearing, mitt wound hands and frozen hikers crunching through wind frosted cheeks. Oh yeah baby! Its frozenly delicious! Bring on the christmas eggnog and bailey's dipped in hot chocolate warmth. Heh heh.