that kind of day

You know the kind. The kind where you slip down the slick rope of pretention and realize that you have scraped your skin across the grit of concrete's peel. Broken you bleed art across the landscape of your vision and sit and cry in stairwells of lost dreams. Or you are pissed off at the role you are forced to play in a bleep black bracket of thrumming dance of car tar scandal and the hummmm of the city sleeps beneath your thoughts. And so you walk away for a while ... you walk through the streets and notice the little things that generally escape your attention as brisk wind floats across the frozen thoughts warming your vision for a second in time. Today was one of those days. You know the kind.

These photos were taken on one of those days a couple of weeks ago with the Canon, Tri-X 400 film since I've been getting emails as to what is the what. I use film of varying kinds, I use digital, I always have at least one camera on me and I often combine the captures on this site. Sometimes, I'll put up only film, sometimes only digital, sometimes a combination of the two. Its really about the photo, the final picture result for me and the tool is just a tool. I'm not very technical minded really ... I just like to shoot. Especially on days like today. It relaxes me somehow, the whirr click shutter dance of light and all is fine in this headspace of mine.