Night Shots

The night has wrought darkness dipped in dreams' fantasy. Bright moon's soft caress across deep urges laid dormant in sun's feast of bright energy and dance of languished heat.

The peak of darkness has fallen across the pounding tug of lumbering beat and twirling awakness as the dark washes over the corners of shadows to revel in the hyperreality, the surreality, the darkened images of a different cast.
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I awake to darkness, commute to work in darkness and watch the sun rise and set as I sit yawning at my desk in sleepy tired drained energy loss before slowly falling in the elevator down towards the dark commute home.
The moon's compelling pull at thoughts red lust and twirling fantasy as breathe blows out in a cloud of white and suddenly awake unable to do enough.
Hunkering down, racing thoughts, paint drips across the fingertips of your caress and around the corner the shadows fall and cast new light across fantasy's vital grip of creative energy. The darkness drums its own beat and I am lost in its enveloping grasp.
Bring on the night, the dark glow cast world of imagination ...