a world lit up

Every where I go, everywhere I turn the world is lit up in lighted coloured bulbs, gleaming bulbs of light against a snow filled frost backdrop, dripping colour replacing the spring time summer flower bow of brightness.

The past week I garbled darkness power light up by dazzling arrays of sun sunk deep. The sun rose up for an added bonus photo, check out my guest photograph on Daily Snap. He is having guest photographers all week as he lives it up in Las Vegas, city of bright lights. Hope you have a great week Jessyel! We have a street here in Edmonton called Candy Cane Lane, decorated for a high power consumption wattage by local residents. I mean who can resist a candy cane.
121804candycanesmall.jpg 121804doggiesmall.jpg
The weather is nice and so I will take a stroll through the lights of art represented by local holiday merriement.
We also have a Bright Lights display in the park and the Legislature Grounds are lit up in their own brightly arrayed dance of colour. This week is all about the lights as I spin towards Christmas starry nights of present wrapping and red wine drinking, chocolate truffle tasting all to the glow of the lights outside my window. Everywhere I hear the frantic call of '9' more shopping days until Christmas and as the number gets lower, the more frustrated and rushed we all feel. Forget about it. The holiday season is in full force ... laugh with friends, smile with family hugs and kisses and instead of speeding up to some consumer notion of frenzy, take long strolls and take in the lights lit up like a child's face lit up under a tree, sucking a candy cane and playing with the wrappings. When I was three there was a big box under the tree with my name on it. It was a doll, a debbie doll that was taller than me and walked when I held her just right. She was beautiful and I carried her around with me forever as aunts knitted and sewed my debbie doll clothes. I was quite the car loving, tree climbing, mud flinging tomboy but I loved my debbie doll. My parents couldn't afford to buy her but the owner of the drug store gave them a discount so they could put my name on a package under the tree. My face lit up and eyes glowed like stars or so they tell me. There is beauty somewhere there and I still have my debbie doll. Its not the quantity, the pricetag or the christmas on acid songs ... its the care and the love and the soft glow of a bright light that soaks through warm hearts. Or something like that.