let it snow

Over the past couple of wine filled, laughter grins and whovilleopoly grinchfulness, the weather has turned into frost filled, snowflake dropped winter. The crunch of a hiking boot and the flip of a scarf and the freeze of a breath decked out in snow family fun.Untitled Shots from a canadian wonderland abound ... and all taken with the fun new toy (SX-70 polaroid land camera). I love how each picture zips out and unfolds its crazy colour producing an instant poignant memory that feels like its been around for 30 some odd years. Untitled I love taking the camera out of its case and letting it pop up and open while attempting to focus. All the while ensuring my head stays in the right direction so I can see the tiny circle while my breathe hangs in the air in crisp wonder and I remember photos of myself at chubby three with my green nobby hat and my cute little trimmed mittens. I am heading up north to visit my parents in a couple of days and will have to look through the old polaroids and vintage daisies playing beneath the celluloid wrappings.