mini holiday

Am taking a mini holiday and we are driving up north to visit my lovely parents for a few days time. A sunlit snow drive through the country will be refreshing and hopefully I will get the chance to see some northern lights, glorious sites of home in nature's snow wonderland and mmmmmmmm turkey dinner. Drool.Am having a wonderful vacation and holiday and want to thank everyone for all of their support, comments and emails over the past year and over the holidays. Your holiday wishes always made me smile and sometimes put a little tear in my eye. I think the world will be okay when I think of all the kindness that exists amongst relative strangers and the care that people have for art, beauty and the sensitivity of others. You ALL lift me up and give me hope for humanity's future no matter what various tragedies attempt to pollute the earth. The human capacity for goodness is awesome people and you all completely rocketh! I used to walk down alleys because I wanted to see how people really live, who they really are apart from the sameness of a manicured front lawn, the alley is the stuff, the soul, the heart of life. Its where children play, garbage piles up and flowers and raspberry bushes tangle up in trees random order.

See you in a few days!