scenes from the car

Its always weird going home, strange in that it fits but doesn't, you love it and hate it, memories float around and you realize your changes more than you want to - both the good and the bad.
I haven't been home for Christmas in years, since my sister and grandpa have died and so it was a bit difficult this time around for my emotions.
I had a lovely visit with my parents though and tripped down memory lane wading through the photo albums. My mom and dad gave me a lovely spa day gift and I can't rave enough about the benefits of the facial. If you have had one, you know what I'm talking about and if you haven't, what the heck are waiting for. As an added bonus, my feet look great, my cuticles are gone and I feel like a million bucks. Thanks mom and dad!
Turkey was consumed, pies were inhaled and drives through crazy snow drifts were endured. We are back home and happy for it and looking forward to a day of movies and cheese treats, red wine and champagne sparkle. And brownies. I baked brownies last night. Yummers.
010205trees1small.jpg 010205trees2small.jpg
I took a lot of photos while I was driving up north and driving home. Well, Duke was driving, I was snapping, shutter click dance for me.
010305highwaysmall.jpg 010305handssmall.jpg
You never know how drive by shots are going to turn out so its always wise to use the digital so blurs are not paid for so most of this set are from the Sony F717. I did a couple with film but haven't yet developed so who knows whether they turned out, shrug. I'm a bit scattered and I'll save my New Years post of a look back and a glimpse forward for tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'll save this spot for the highway, northern town drive by shooting. UPDATE: Still working on the whole year in review new year extravaganza post. Don't get too excited, that makes it sound like its actually being crafted. Its not. I've been busy, you know doing that living stuff and technically I'm still on holidays until the 4th soooooooooo I am not responsible for my lack of computer communication these days. ;-) Updated UPDATE: You can read it by hitting the next button at the top of the page or clicking HERE If you have the ability to do so, remember those who need our help and send in a donation to give relief to tsunami victims. If you live in Canada and donate before January 11, 2005 the Canadian government will match the gift.