ah ah ah - choo

Snow is lightly falling as bodies shovel walks and children's toes redden noses laugh and enter in a flurry of red faced laughter.

Snow lightly dusts everything and piles high on car hoods as temperatures dip and crunches walks in darkness crisp dance of white breath.
And I am immune to it all as I have finally succumed to the flu like symptoms that I thought I had discarded months ago but have somehow managed to find their way back to haunt me some more.
Ah well, what are you going to do but send out another ah ah ah choo and a fever swelled sleep of crazy dreams of giant whales washed up on beaches. Did you ever have the nightmare where you try to run but you can only move in slow motion and the killer is coming to get you? I have a new twist on that one. A breathtaking beach and giant waves and me with my camera trying to take a photo but not able to click the shutter. Buttons everywhere but each one wrong, hands to big, camera not working and a beautiful killer whale waves its tail high in the air and I ... can't ... get ... it .... aaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee.
My head is pounding and there is a quilt calling my name as my water heats for tea. I'm going to post some lovely snow snow snow, the cold stuff that I am avoiding for the day and possibly the morrow and likely the reason I am in this very predicament. ah ah ah - choo. Update: I'm starting to feel like myself again and have spent the weekend bundled up watching episodes of Farscape which hasn't helped my dreams much but I might actually be up to venturing outside again which is a good thing because I really must go to work tomorrow. I am finally feeling like myself again and ready to get up off the couch and back into life :) Thank you all for your amazing thoughts and well wishes ... you all completely rock! :)