Have a Wonderful Weekend

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Sundancer gets 'crafty'. I will be going up North for my grampa's burial and spending some time with my family. Unfortunately, as per yesterday's post, I will also be attempting not to choke by burying myself in work and so the bulk of my luggage will be my briefcase and laptop loaded down with work, work, work and more work ... sigh ...I am muchly looking forward to next weekend when hopefully I will be sufficiently less bogged down with urgent to-do's. That would be nice. Anyway, I just wanted to send happy warm thoughts and good vibes out to those of you who have a lovely weekend of freedom coming your way and for those of you as bogged down as myself - may all your work be stamped into the ground and chemically altered into lovely life giving plants ... a girl can dream can't she : ) Vixen - hope you are feeling better soon - relax, tea and honey and lovely warm baths with scented candles soothing the air around you. Reilly - happy picture taking and congratulations on the success of your wedding photos. Sundancer - Have fun getting crafty, I know you will produce something amazing. Asylus - good luck on covert operation 6589320 moving forward. Roo - happy studying and enjoy your various poos. Butterfly - please try and enjoy your weekend and find time for the important computer task (you know what I'm talking about). Everyone else (who reads but doesn't blog) - have a most lovely weekend and I hope all is well, sorry I've been so out of touch ... life gets in the way!