just another manic monday

1. In my infinite wisdom and knowing that I have ever so much work to do - I took a Mental Health Day : )2. Slept ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 3. Cleaned up a bit. 4. Watched the House of Luk on movie channel - quite funny and if you haven't seen it you should if for no reason than to see the monkey jack off. 5. Took Aiden to the Kinsmen for Swim Gym and worked out myself and I am sore sore sore today but a good sore ... the kind that tells you that you've done a good thing! 6. Went to the Metro and watched Gigantic, a documentary on They Might Be Giants. Was fun and interesting but then I used to listen to them so I might be biased. 7. Went home, collapsed into sleep ... dreamt I was Buffy, eek - could it be that I'm going through withdrawal - good thing Asylus is lending me season three today, eek.