a roll and a stroll

See today's (january 13) update below ...Having fully recovered from my insane flu (please note the flu is insane and not the girl), I am ready for strolls and rolls of lovely film snaps. warm / cool I work downtown. Edmonton's downtown is a strange place to be. During the day it is full of people and bustle and subway hustle, cars and horns and rush rush rush. During the evening and weekends it is so beautifully quiet, its a wonder to walk around, take a stroll and breathe in the soft quiet and warm glow of smiling happy wanderers. warm / cool I think I'm having a bit of a down time and with all the snow and cold am having a hard time finding inspiration. I realize that inspiration comes from within and sometimes its just a matter of going out and taking photos and pushing your way through the mass of grey. So, I will post my roll of downtown strolls while I stroll through photoblogs and explore the beauty of all those other wonderous photos taken by all of you and hope for some sort of inspiration to go out and find some beauty of my own. warm / cool In the meantime, I'm taking advantage of all the darkness and sitting in vanilla scented candle glow, I am taking care of a small recent addiction. Halfway through season two of Farscape, I still have two more seasons and a mini series so that should take care of January. I think it is good sometimes to just relax and let someone else provide the entertainment. Uh ... yeah ... I have a problem ... nothing a few hundred hours won't cure. Luckily, I am not alone in this house with my addiction. warm / cool warm / cool

Update: Farscape is going fine and have progressed to Season III. Anyone who doesn't currently live in this insane climate must understand that walking from the house to the car, from the car to the office, from the office to the car and back to the house is about the extend of exposure one wants to endure at this point. I actually had a meeting today that took me out of the building and two blocks over and the layer of moisture over my eyeballs froze and proceeded to melt upon entrance leaving me teary eyed. I kid you not.

I was commenting on the way to work that the haze over the river and downtown and the trees turned white crystalized branches were so damn beautiful and if only I had the equipment to go out in this weather and actually capture some of its crazy beauty. I am afraid my cameras would not survive the experience though never mind myself. If it warms up a bit I am going to find a way. Meanwhile, I have been inspired to attempt some still life and to that end will be starting a series of 'around the house', likely starting on Saturday. Though that may be circumvented if it warms up enough to actually get outside. Will see.