brought to you by the 11th floor

I live and breathe on the 11th floor during the week when my time is bought and paid for and I behave like a good little worker bee. Our floor is filled with wonderful, caring, artistic, beautiful people whose smiles brighten my days and whose humour fills me with laughter. I'm lucky that views We've been through construction, changes, crazy work filled stressed out days and yet the sun shines through it all. faded scent faded scent I have in the past brought you images from outside my windows and now I bring you images from inside the walls, objects that litter my life and dance around the cubicles of my 11th floor mates. colour burst I wish to thank all those lovely photobloggers out there whom have inspired me to think outside the cold wind box and find ways to find beauty again. I put my camera down during the duration of my last series. I couldn't snap a picture to save my life and today I picked it up and tentatively looked through the view and looked around and saw beauty and was inspired to wander around my floor during breaks. These pictures are a result of my wanders. It felt so damn good to click the shutter and watch light dance. Again, I find myself with a slew of gmail invites if you want one email me at daisies.