sunshine and popsicles

I am dizzy with flushed skin floating on air, dancing across a floor with light hearted abandon. What happens when a girl starts her yoga class and her bellydancing class on the same day? She feels frelling fantastic is what happens. A part of me wondered at the insanity of my tuesdays gone mad but that part had forgotten how much I thrive on insanity and how energized I become. I feel like I could take on the world without a care, stress begone and I am in the now.snow slabs Of course it helps, that in the now has become much warmer than the then. I was actually able to go outside yesterday in *gasp*a wool poncho, no mitties and no toque and no scarf. Now I may have been a bit giddy by all the warm sunny and the not -30+ weather and so slightly mad but as I indicated earlier, I thrive on the insane. house of birds

I wandered around looking at trees and snow and shadows. I wandered up and down my street and looked at everything from different angles. It was wonderful. Click shutter whirr wheeeeeeeee!

Can you feel the bubbling happy that has consumed my body in twitches and starts and smiles and the shutter whirr click of my happy. I don't know how long this will last but I'm thinking so far my New Year's resolutions are coming along swimmingly. Woo Hoo and La La De Da Do ... give me sunshine and popsicles baby!