daisies goes to the dentist

There are those dreaded days when you get off work early so you can submit yourself to the utensils of pain and torture. You willingly sit in the chair and open yourself up to needles and probes and a series of hot lights flashed in your face while masked creatures garble words you don't understand and poke at your flesh. That's right ... Daisies goes to the dentist.daisies goes to the dentist III daisies goes to the dentist II daisies goes to the dentist In a flash of covert operation #604529 (there have been a lot of them there covert operations), she pulled out her camera while the room was empty and quickly clickity click click clicked. To clarify, it really wasn't all that painful because Daisies has a wonderful dentist who ensures her comfort ... well as comfortable as freezing and poking and filling can be. Damn cavity!