night and day

We are having the strangest weather here. Lets be honest, it's January and January for as long as I can remember means long scarves, long underwear, big wool mitties, fun yet functional toques, wool sweaters, hot cocoa (with a nip of baileys), hot tea with raspberry honey, big bowls of buttered popcorn, closed curtains, candles warmth, frozen red cheeks and that lovely feeling of heartiness. The smiles to others braving the weather and head nods of "yup, we're crazy but strong"; "why do we live in Alberta?"; and general feeling of this too will pass.Hmmmmm. There are trees budding in the river valley. There are big mushy, muddy puddles of water. There is a wandering in sunlight coatless, mittless and cute kicky toqueless. Hmmmmm. A clear warm night brought in the morning fog which hung over the city throughout the afternoon. Wet, damp dark fog. But its still warm ... oh so warm. Hmmmmm. I am not complaining but I am wondering when the kicker comes and knocks us on our butts. A couple of weeks of -30 weather does not an Albertan winter make. moon Do go and check out Your Waitress for beautifully displayed photos of the Global Vigil for the Global Village. I was there in spirit if not in body. Also, I have guest photos titled Memory 2 at Jen's of Let There Be Light. Be sure to also check out her previous photos of Memory 1, they are spectacular.