Happy happy friday!Well, my camera and other goodies are still not in and its 'cause they are on backorder ... backorder!!!! I have never been very good with this little thing called patience, sigh! Apparently I must learn. Well, blogger (as you prolly know) no longer accepts upgrades and so cannot redesign my page with artwork and pictures and other stuff that I want to share. So ... over the weekend I am going to attempt to move my blog to an external server ... hopefully this works and my geeky nature allows for a smooth transition though I suspect I will be cursing and crying and complaining during this particular exercise : / We are no longer going to Calgary on the weekend which somewhat saddens me as I was looking forward to it but we will be able to enjoy the Sundancer and Reilly party so that makes me glad : ) Beyond that I think that I will spend the weekend tooling around with web stuff and pulling out the paint and canvas and indulging myself with things that make me happy. Oh yeah and laundry, must do laundry and clean kitchen, must clean kitchen (oh yes, the mundane must happen) ... Cheers and here's to a relaxing wonderful colourful fall weekend!