How sexual is your name?

busy busy busy and absolutely nothing to say ... okay, well I have lots to say but unfortunately I am too busy to say it. But I will say thanks to Vixen for sending me the e-mails and in summary here are my profiles: "-D- Once you get it into your head that you want someone, you move full steam ahead in pursuit. You do not give up your quest easily. You are nurturing and caring. If someone has a problem, this turns you on. You are highly sexual, passionate, loyal, and intense in your involvement, sometimes possessive and jealous. Sex to you is a pleasure to be enjoyed. You are stimulated by the eccentric and unusual, having a free and open." "CHOCOLATE ON CHOCOLATE ... Sexy, always ready to give and receive. Very creative, adventurous, ambitious, and passionate. You have a cold exterior but are warm on the inside. Not afraid to take chances. Will not settle for anything average in life. Love to laugh." Yeah, that pretty much sums me up I think though they forgot to mention the busy busy busy that I don't much like and the too much responsibility that wants to send me screaming naked down the street.

Asylus, I can relate oh too much and my morning will be spent reading reports and analyzing evaluation, skipping lunch as I race across town to a site visit and then racing across town again to pick up the spudster and zip over to the Kinsmen for his swim gym and then woo hoo some relax time in the gym working over my muscles and then home by 8:30 where if I will have more report reading and hopefully some snuggle time with eratus, sigh! Yesterday was good though. Wonderful brekkie at Dadeos, mmmmmmmmmmm, yum and then a trip to the grocery store for much essential food stuff. A quick clean of the house and then it was candle lighting, website developing (don't get to excited as I prolly won't go live for a couple of weeks but who knows), book reading, eratus gymnastics, eratus snuggling and season three of buffy. My sweet spudster came home for the week and my home seems family again which I love. All in all, it was what a Sunday should be ... relaxed laid back and full of love, ahhhh!!