jeans week

Ah, the lovely United Way Campaign - for three dollars you can donate some money and buy yourself a week of comfort, loving the jeans week. And to top it off, I have no zip none nada outside meetings this week which means I will not be having to don the suit, yes folks its absolutely the little things in life which make me happy!I had a lovely weekend though Duke had to work friday night until 11:30 which was sad. I, however, indulged in the sushi delivery and red wine to celebrate my work reclassificatiion going through (yah - I have raise money coming and lots of back pay!!) and then in my happy state allowed Aiden to have a friend over for a sleep over. I think that they were up much later than either myself or duke however but its all good and while I may seem like an indulgent parent [given that my son has 2 computers, a nintendo and television in his room plus 2 desks and 3 bookshelves (2 full of books)] in letting him have too much techno, it is nice for him (and me) when he has friends over. I think that his room perhaps reflects his mom a little too much in that there is lots of electronic toys and books ... this is not a bad thing and will serve him well, gulp, I hope! Anyway, on Saturday Asylus, Duke, Aiden and I headed over to Hawryluk Park for frisbee, picture taking, picnic and general "its nice to be out in the sunshine amid the colour of fall" .. a good time was had by all : ) and frisbee morons that we are - our best one handed catch with no mishap was *drum roll please* 11 (or was it 7). I experienced one of life's most wonderous food pleasures on Sunday night with Roo, Asylus and Duke at Dadeos (one of my favoritest places to eat, yummy New Orlean's food and great atmosphere) where we had a fabulous meal and then indulged in the Banana's Foster. Oh My God!! to die for - they cook it in front of you and includes in its basic form a pound of butter, a pound of brown sugar, banana's, rum and banana liquor, flambayed up and topped with cinnamon and then served over vanilla ice cream, wowsa - lovely oh so lovely and must have more again : ) Glerg ... and now must go to the gym with Aiden and work off the glorious pounds of that yummy treat! Happy Monday : )