To clarify

Hi all,Now I know that I said I would be blogging last night and I just wanted to clarify for some of you who I know read my blog to keep up on my life and goings on why I didn't and what the heck that was all about anyway. I am, of course, talking to my lovely friends who exist outside of blogland : ) Knowing me as many of you do, I figure you think something tragically traumatic has again happened in my so called crazy life. So to put your minds at ease, nothing traumatically tragic has happened. If you are truly interested in what had disturbed and bothered me than hit the Roo link on the side and read down three posts and read the comments therein and then the subsequent blogs and comments - I don't recommend that this is necessary as I am feeling better about the whole thing actually and feel that I have resolved my personal feelings on the matter. Actually, while I was in the process of resolving my disturbed issues, I contemplated quite seriously ending my blog and no longer writing my little ditties about the comings and goings and mental state of me but realized that too many people actually read this thing as per the e-mails I get : ) and so have decided that I will continue blogging at this time. So instead I thought about why I blog and what it is that I do in my blog and was this an appropriate venue for me to express myself. I have decided that yes it is for the following reasons: 1. Its a nice escape/procrastination/vent from work. 2. My busy life is not very conducive to keeping in touch with the people that I love. 3. There are many people that I love who read this blog. I have considered what to put in my blog on many occasions and decided that I would generally keep it personal which felt incredibly self-absorbed and all until I realized that some of you were using my blog to keep up on my life and this made me feel happy and good about my blogging. So, I will continue blogging! Note: Asylus and Duke, thank you ever so much for everything that you do - it is lovely and warming knowing that I have such loving people in my life. New Note: I am an emotional sapmonster today.