Is it Friday yet?

I have been thinking that I am incredibly lucky to have so many amazing people in my life and in quest to come to terms with and resolve how to handle a serious matter, I have found some sort of solace in the words and care of others.Roo, in her super crazy busy life right now, took some time to have coffee with me and let me talk it out while offering her thoughts - it was reassuring to me to find yet again how similar our thought processes work and I found comfort in the fact that her thoughts on what to do were along my own. When Roo and I met (eek, has it been 3 years now?! good god click clock) it was under the most unconventional circumstances, given I was on a date with her boyfriend, and most of our relationship up to this summer has been built on e-mails. But that was apparently a solid and wise foundation that we shared and I am glad that she is around and part of my life beyond the words on a screen. On the theme of unconventional ;-) I am also incredibly grateful that I have Asylus in my life and by extension his amazing family. Asylus, as most of you know, was at one time my friend, my boyfriend, my fiancee ... when you truly love someone, you never stop and he has transitioned over time into my brother. He is always a comfort to me during happy and emotional times and I know with outmost certainty that we will always be there for each other - good things that make me smile. I also sent an e-mail to Eclectic seeking advice and she provided me with both a compassionate and then a passionate e-mail which again provided me comfort. Sometimes this world is so covered in shades of grey and easy answers are not always forthcoming. Her words and my subsequent response somehow made me realize how lucky that I am to see the world the way I do and to have so many amazing loving and oh so wise people in my life. And butterfly, who though going through her own stuff always manages in my times of need to find a way to be there for me. I appreciate this and hope that she understands how much I really care about her. Her compassion is always true and she is a caring if somewhat misunderstood person who honestly cares about the people in her life. And there is Duke ... who, to keep with the unconventional theme, I "discovered" while filming a film with my ex-husband, who was the best friend of my ex-husband, whom I have known for years but had no idea, clueless and blind can we be sometimes. He gives me love and lights up the shadows in my corners and this weekend is our year anniversary and it has been a lovely year of passion but no drama, compassion and lots of love and acceptance. Duke is amazing, intelligent, loving, giving, caring and passionate - I mean this is a man who in his mid-thirties, chucked the corporate life and lived on other people's couches so he could pursue his passions more completely. He is an amazing musician who has played with many though my favorite is, has traveled the country, has done the folkfest tour de force. He is also the senior technical sound producer on CKUA which for those of you not in the know is Edmonton's very own independent radio station which has been around for 75 years now. He is passionate in his convictions and lives his life as such and he is compassionate and sensitive in his care for others ... I am one lucky girl I tell you. On a happy note and something I am looking forward is watching Duke play in a little pub reminiscent of my small town days with my friends, butterfly, asylus, and roo ... much dancing and drink will be had : ) though I am somewhat saddened that I will be missing Ruby's 80's party but still much fun will be had for all on friday night! And on a completely unrelated topic but one which makes me happy - remember its the little things for me folks - I caught Angel for the very first time ever last night and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Spike was on it, he is a ghost, it is very cool - I loved the show and am happy to be able to get my weekly fill of Spike and note that Buffy was mentioned so I wouldn't at all be surpised to see her at some point. And omg does anyone remember Harmony (Spike's vampire fling) 'cause she the receptionist for Angel's corporate action (yes, angel is now corporate boy with a small paunch and everything, hee hee). Okay, now I must go and caffiene up and take pleasure in the fact that I get paid very very well to work on amazing innovative things and will wordsmith and craft my to-do's knowing that the work that I do affects change on a provincial level and has potential to positively impact our system and the people who use this system. Another thing to be thankful for is the knowledge that in my own little way I am helping make our world a better place : )