Friday’s Popcorn

Friday's popcorn is melting across my lap in warm soft curls of buttery fat ... I am looking forward to a weekend of warmth and pumpkin carving and cookie baking and picture taking movie watching and sex in the city both mine and the television version.

Duke is gigging all weekend so in the evenings I will curl up on my futon spending some lovely time with myself, pulling out my paints for the joyous smell of oil and digging into my software creations in an attempt to start my christmas present projects. During the daytime I fully intend on spending time with Aiden and shopping 'cause the poor boy needs a better pair of swimming trunks and some pool time where I teach him the whip kick so he can pass his swim gym swimming lesson and ah the pumpkin carving creations.

friday meanderings of lost and dancing dreams floating in sequence in a chlorine filled dream of ghostly candlelit smells ... h ave a great weekend everyone and for god's sake have some sex in the city or the country or somewhere - its a good thing.

Oh and check out this site (taken from the lovely Roo): POLITICAL COMPASS. Its very cool. I am a left libertarian Economic Left/Right: -5.88 Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.31 which puts me somewhere between Nelson Mandela and the Dali Lama.