rain rain happy rain

I love rain on a fall day, crisply cold and freshly fallen and the added bonus that its rain and not snow 'cause it could happen and will happen and we will soon be crunching in boots of bitter splay not spray. I am dreaming of clothes, fashion and me. Its odd really 'cause I have never been one for that sort of nonsense only now I am dreaming about a lovely smokey grey wool overcoat to warm me in stylish array. My birthday boots are getting closer and I am excited to enter to stores looking for the next perfect pair of heeled sexy boots, drool.

I am dreaming of blazers and sweaters and skirts and pants and shoes and tweed and silk and wool and cashmere and cotton and leather and soft slick movements.

I am not going to see my baby for days 'cause he has rehearsal tonight, rehearsal friday night, some work at the station saturday during the day, rehearsal saturday night (but will come to Elephant and Castle when he is done) and a gig on Sunday night at the Yardbird for cd release party. So, I am and will have more time on my hands than I know quite what to do with and considering I don't have Aiden this week, I am unsure how I should spend my time and think I may have to leave the house and perhaps indulge in the joy of driving around and taking pictures, woo hoo.

At least we were able to spend last night together and indulged in some Savoy fare and a gulp of Strongbow and warm nakidity of snuggles which was lovely. I love how our lives get so busy with the passion and loves of our interests but its nice to take a break and hide out under cover of the fall darkness, asleep under a bed of leaves and a shelter of lightlessness.