cold cold and stoopid drivers

Monday was super busy and crazy though I did manage to get out of my site visit early and headed down to CKUA and got to watch Duke and Lark and work on a most amazing project which you simply must hear ... I will let you know when it airs, not until January though. I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview and hee hee watch my baby at work - he is simply amazing, truly! So we went to pick up Aiden for Monday's swim gym and had pulled away from the school and were waiting to turn off of the street while this pathfinder woman was in front of us. She was turning right, we were going to be turning left but at the moment we were stopped awaiting her departure. All of a sudden (she must have changed her mind) she started backing up. We were quite a ways behind her so were not that concerned but she kept backing up and then crashed right into us. What?!!? The crazy woman didn't even look to see if anyone was in the street behind her. So, the consequence of her stupidity is that I have no headlight, my grill is pushed in, I can't open my hood, and she tore my lovely bonnet bra leather thingy on the front of my jetta. I am distraught!! After going so long without a car and finally buying my cute little jetgrrrrl so that I could motor around in warmth and safety from the cold winds of this damn province, I am shoot down by a stoopid woman driving a stoopid pathfinder, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... I am not happy about this and she will be paying for my baby to be fixed up.

Mostly this is not what I needed right now as I am stressed out with work and not wanting these major inconveniences in my life especially when it is so damn cold outside.

I get the the gym only to discover that I have forgotten my running shoes on a day when I truly needed to pound the muscles in my body. My sweet Dukenator came down and kept me company for the hours of Aiden's swim gym and he bought a lovely greasy cheese and bacon burger which is what I should have done. But alas, I choose unwisely and went with the healthy veggie wrap which was mostly really soggy rice and could only manage to gulp down half of it, sigh! Its a good thing Monday is over and one can only hope that the beginning of November is not going to be indicative of the the rest of the month. Gawd! So, here it is tuesday and me with too much work to do and slacker girl is not going to have a chance to be slackerly this week which is going to make for crabbycakes me. May have to do some unscheduled shopping to lift my spirits ... ah, thank goodness for money and the quick fix of chocolate and fashion!