la la land

Well, I am refraining ... hold me down ... refraining from joining the NationsStates 'cause obsessive compulsive personality that I am - well sheesh, would I get any work done? I say this while all the time just itching to go so by the end of day I will prolly have started me own country but will have to see.I've been cruising through my workload and many ticks off my list later am feeling all powerful workgirl and will soon be a ready for slackerdom again : ) hahahaha!! I love being me and love the fact that I can whip through things in such quick order once I get over my procrastination tools (this being one of them). Am feeling mucho better about life, the universe and everything and pathfinder woman is going to pay for repairs to jetgrrrl so this makes me happy happy. I have to say that I was on the verge of saying Fuck It and going out and buying myself a nice new vw golf, hehehehe but I refrained from my urges and will stick with plan of buying house first dammit. Am I becoming middle class - damn straight! After much consideration and consternation over this apparent fact, I realized itsanotsobad. I mean really, I grew up poor, I was a poor student, I was poor poor poor all my life struggling from paycheque to paycheque and living off next to no food (hmmmm, that could explain my weight gain) and frankly its not much fun. It used to amaze me that when I would say I was broke, people couldn't comprehend that for me that meant, no savings, no access to money, nothing but a 0.63 bankaccount. It boggled my mind that others would say they were broke but that meant having food in the cupboards and coffee money and lunch money and even the ability to go out and pick up a little something nice for themselves - that ain't broke kiddies! Broke is having nothing, nada, zip ... broke is not having parents who can zip you money when you need it - broke is a desperate place to be frankly and am ever so glad I am not there anymore. Middleclassdomhood is nice 'cause it means to me that I have food, a nice place, heat, pretty new clothes that haven't been worn before by someone else, coffee, drinks, a movie if I desire, transportation (lord I have walked miles in inclement weather just to get where I have to go), books, good coffee (a necessity to me now). I like knowing that I have money in the bank even if I don't allow myself to spend it 'cause I want to buy a house - its nice having the choice. Yup, its a good life and I'm muchly appreciative. I am a rambling rock 'cause I don't want to read reports right now but I suppose I had better get to it so I can maintain the lifestyle I am quickly growing accustomed to! Have a happy humpday peoples!