Ah technology

Well, I have my new website at pluckthepetal.com but don't get too excited because all you'll see is page under construction, the future home of blackDAISIES. I have decided to keep this blog going for now until I have all the elements and design in place. I am moving to movable type as I have php and mysql and I will have a lovely new photo album which I actually have up and running but have not gone live with yet 'cause I am still working on the design ... ah, to have more time to play with this stuff. Too much too learn and not nearly enough time to learn it ... all things in good time little grasshopper.Its fun though 'cause I have the tools to do some really great stuff, so once I get the basic down then I can go nutso with the evolving expression. But for now ... this is still my home and once my new home is built, I will let you know : ) Its Monday but really its Friday 'cause tomorrow is a holiday and I am going to enjoy staying up late and sleeping in ;-) ... all good things. Back to work now for a brief moment in time.