a new day, a new year

Untitled (polaroid sun 660 / expired 600 film)

yesterday was a comfy day, lazing about in the sunbeam spaces of home.  i didn't do any of the things i normally do on new year's day like make a list or chart a plan for 2013 and i didn't sketch or indulge in any sort of creative work.  i took the photo above for polaroid girls and i posted it to flickr.  today, i was surprised and pleased to see that my little creative offering made flickr's explore.  it was a reminder that i want to do more self portrait explorations with my cameras and that is how i am letting the year unfold ... following my instincts, creating when i feel like it and listening to the messages that the universe gives me and seeing how they sit with my heart, deciding whether following the messages will enrich my life.  does making explore enrich my life?  not really.  but this self portrait did and does.  i really like it, it represents who i am in this moment, the ease of my life right now and i am having it printed and hung on a wall in my office or maybe even in my living room because it makes me happy.  period.

i also didn't start a cleanse or go to the gym or even juice up anything.  instead i made a roast and a big pot of turkey soup using a couple of the turkey stock jars that i didn't freeze along with the leftover turkey.  i did it all on a whim because i felt like it and the smells made me happy and i froze a couple of the jars for future use, filled up a jar for my son and will enjoy the rest of the soup for the rest of the week.

i am looking forward to snowboarding lessons, kundalini yoga, skating on the tree lined pond and snowshoeing in the river valley.  i am also looking forward to spending some good time in my newly renovated writing studio playing with words and reading poetry.  mostly i am just living, following my twitching nose and staying true to my course.