adjusting to january

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(polaroid spectra / expired polaroid image softtone)

we are deep in the heart of winter's softness, the cruel winds and the blessed sunshine days providing an interlude to the days where all you can see is the white landscape meeting the white of the sky.  it is what i have always known and it is what i have grown to love.  every season has its challenges but also its comforts and beauty.  and i have learned to model my lifestyle to work with the seasons rather than to fight against them.  it has been unseasonably warm this week and that feels like a gift.  every warmish day during the winter months is gratitude i hold close to my heart.

january is time spent in the kitchen juicing up green love and blending smoothies, making salads rich in quinoa and the soup pot is always in heavy rotation.  always.  the entranceways are filled with boots and scarves and toques and an assortment of mittens and gloves.  shovels sit by the back door on the frosty deck and skates dangle from the hook just inside the door. the snowshoes have been pulled from the garage and comfy blankies and pillow line the sofas.  the holidays have been packed away and i eye my gym membership dubiously saving it for days when it is too icy cold for outdoor activities, days when my eyelashes crystalize and my husband's beard sports icicles after a few minutes of being outside, days when a swim and a hot tub are more than appealing, necessary.


my days are *steaming bowls of soup *silver shone candle flames *cozy woolen slippers *soft breath thoughts *cinnamon and honey toast kisses

and my nights are filled with a clear star filled sky as i follow a white rabbit down snow sparkled sidewalks. bliss.


"we're all golden sunflowers inside" (allen ginsberg)