mash up - November 2014

facebook snippets because this is my space and facebook is easier but things have a tendency to get lost in the ether of too muchness. October 2014

  • sunny skies, a long bike ride, early day errands completed and now ty dog and I will laze around drinking tea, cooking for the week and watch girly flicks (hello practical magic) while duke is making the music in camrose at a tribute to john prine. the only question is how much leftover halloween candy will I eat. hee.
  • apparently there are snow fall warnings all over alberta except for the city of edmonton. sorry everyone but I am happy to wait a while longer. happy dancing on my snow free lawn.
  • she listened to the trees breath their song of slumber and she listened to her ragged breath of fear and struggle as her feet kicked up leaves gone brown and awake never felt so good even as the darkness begged her to sleep.
  • the thing about the cold is that you can layer up in sweaters and cosy socks, feathered up coats and thick knitted toques but nothing prevents your cold nose from running and you reach into fleece lined pockets to discover that you forgot to stock them with kleenex and then you remember that your granny always had some tucked into the ends of her sweaters where rib knit met wrist. and you sniff and smile and do the same.
  • being married to a musician means I come home from the quiet slice of water bubbled lane swimming to the loud move my feet dance of rehearsal's music notes coming up through the floorboards. it also means my dog doesn't come bounding at me with crazy licks because he is with the band don'tcha know and would rather bounce his head to the guitar licks downstairs.
  • An important documentary, directed by Young JIbwe, "Missing" Documentary for Missing and Murdered Women is available to watch online. Please share and stand for these women and their families.

  • on this very dark and rainy november evening, I didn't want to go to the gym and do my leg weight workout. I was exhausted. but I did it and the sweat poured and my legs felt like lead even after a few km run warm up. and now I am even more exhausted. but so proud of myself for pushing through. and now there is a bed waiting for me to fall into it and fall into it I will. as soon as I drag my ass out of the locker room and home.
  • suddenly winter. the first drive is the hardest. I wouldn't mind winter if I didn't have to drive in it. bleh.

suddenly winter

  • guess I better go shovel before it gets dark out. grumble grumble grumble.
  • the arrival of winter snow has me wanting to cozy up with hot chocolate and a good movie and maybe some baked goodness. but sunday is a double workout day. guess I can save the cozy up for the late evening. pushing through the hard days.
  • flashback. i haven't seen this movie in forever but i loved it so much. excited to watch it again.
  • big warm hooded coat sounds great in theory. and it is. if you don't mind hair knots rat nest, unintentional dreads, hair caught in zipper, getting cross purse off, driving with hood hiding side views, static and all the other associated pains of the constant coat off - coat on. oh well. at least I am warm.
  • the look of winter. yeah yeah no makeup, no filter, eek.


  • happy birthday michelle, ma belle, my sister no longer of this earth, the butterfly wing of love. I miss you and love you. today and everyday. born on the day of remembrance and died in the spring of easter, grateful you gave me holidays to mark the line of your life.
  • note to self: bring warm blanket to work tomorrow because my window view cubicle is effing freezing. like. unbelievably shaking all day with my coat on my lap cold.
  • contemplating the day, lipstick helps.


  • she stood and stumbled, face as white as the soft sheet that supported her and the world tilted and spun and for a moment she felt the poignant reality of her mortality as she sank into the ever falling darkness. sometimes being sick is a startling sink into the worlds you forget exist.
  • this boy is all tired out from loving on and worrying about his sick mama


  • please tell me that I am not the only one who chews on her coffee cup when the coffee is gone. glerg.


  • lifting the heavy things. cause that is what I do, birthday fun yo.


  • colder than it looks


  • i know, i know, we already have snow but get ready for snowpocalypse my fellow edmonton peeps ... it is coming to a neighbourhood near you. sounds exciting until i consider the driving, the shoveling of said snow and the fact that it will be with us for the next four our five months. the snowfall warnings on my phone are starting to grate on my nerves.
  • it is crazy out there. holy snow. drive safe peeps. I took the bus home and it took twice as long as it normally does. and now for the first of many rounds of shoveling. thinking that will take the place of my gym workout tonight because no way do I want to drive anywhere.
  • I've been waiting for the grey to come in, the silver strands of age. I've been waiting for a decade and have the same 10 strands of glittering silver. I guess what I am saying is I might dye my hair the red gold that was for decades before the waiting set in. or I might just keep waiting.