a few things


because.  fish tacos.

i recently spent 2 weeks in california and it was pretty fantastic, all that blue sky and sunshine.  especially since it was all blowing snow and icy fingers over here.  i brought a few things home with me.

  • fish tacos.  no i didn't actually bring home fish tacos but i rekindled my love of the fish taco.  all things taco actually.  i have been eating a lot of tacos since i returned home and searched out some mexican restaurants to try out.  there are a lot more than there were the last time i checked.  and i found a really easy shredded chicken recipe in the slow cooker so that makes it easy to whip up a taco any ol' time.  yum.
  • ease.  i left my brain somewhere in the air between here and there and spent my vacation in a fairly dumb state.  literally.  i don't remember the last time i was so dumb and unable to even coherently string a sentence together.  turns out that is a perfect vacation because i picked up my brain somewhere on the way to work my first day back and it seems to have even picked up a few cells while i was away.  life is just easier when i am not stressed and i think it has been many years since i took a vacation that allowed me to turn off my brain.  definitely going to do this more often.
  • perspective.  i get tired and weary and worn down by things like the rude drivers in my city, the gridlocked traffic especially when there is an accident or you know when a bridge is under construction.  turns out we have no traffic here and also turns out there are a lot fewer rude drivers than i had imagined.  the freeways of california have a way of giving a girl a much needed dose of perspective.  yep.  even though there was actually an accident in one of the lanes on my flimsy little commute to work this morning, it only took about a minute to get down the street and over and back to where i needed to be.  hoping i hold onto this perspective for a while.  i am a lot less stressed over what turns out to be nothing.